Imaging Science

Research area:

  • Basic and applied research directed to manufacturing light- and radiation-sensitive materials (silver and nonsilver systems), for image recording.
  • Research into novel applications of photochemical and photophysical processes.
  • Automation and computerization of sensitometric, structurometric and colorimetric measurements.
  • Computer-aided modeling of the radiation-sensitive layer properties.




Piotr Nowak, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Wybrzeże Stanisława Wyspiańskiego 27,
PL 50-370 Wrocław,
Phone: +48 (71) 320 32 43, +48 (71) 320 24 85
Fax: +48 (71) 320 33 64

Technologies elaborated for Polish photochemical, photographic and graphic arts industry:

  • silver-poor, double-jet method for the synthesis of silver halide light-sensitive emulsions, fully automatic,
  • technology of manufacturing silver halide emulsions for various applications: Lith type, B&W positive paper, direct positive, X-ray.


  • PL Patent adjudicated on May 2001, No. 181097,Method of precipitating silver halide photographic emulsion.
  • Patent filed on December 2000, App. No. PL344623, Method of formation of silver halide ultrafine-grain light-sensitive emulsion.
  • Patent filed on September 2001, App. No. PL350504, Method of preparation of silver halide photographic emulsion in presence of polar aprotic solvents, and/or protic solvents having dissociation constants smaller than that of water.

International conferences:

  • International Congress of Imaging Science, Antwerp (Belgium), September 1998.
  • International Seventh Conference on Photographic Gelatin, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), September 1999.
  • International Congress of Imaging Science, Tokyo (Japan), May 2002.


Imaging science laboratory performing the following services:
Specialists measurements:

  • color and color-difference expresses in CIE-systems,
  • sensitometric properties of light- and radiation-sensitive materials,
  • structurometric properties of light- and radiation-sensitive materials: granularity, resolving power, acutance and sharpness, modulation transfer function.

Laboratory scale production:

  • silver halide photographic emulsions for various applications,
  • some nonsilver light- and radiation-sensitive materials,
  • light-exposure modulators (optical step and continuous wedge),
  • optical filters with specified spectral characteristics,