Seminarium I-30; Prof. P. Piecuch

Prof. Piotr Piecuch (University Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University w Easl Lansing) wyglosi dwa wyklady w dniach 9 i 10 wrzesnia, 2013, godz. 11:15, sala 415 A-3


poniedzialek, 9 wrzesnia, godz. 11:15
A. "Local Coupled-Cluster Methods for Chemical Reaction Pathways Involving Large Molecular Systems,"

wtorek, 10 wrzesnia, godz. 11:15
B. "The Cobalt-Methyl Dissociation and Electronic Transitions in Methylcobalamin: Insights from Coupled-cluster, Multireference Perturbation Theory, and Density Functional Theory Calculations"