About the Institute

Director of the Institute: Prof. Marek Samońá
Deputy Director (General Affairs): Prof. Wojciech Bartkowiak
Deputy Director (Teaching): Dr Krzysztof Rohleder

NOTE: The Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry was dissolved as of the 1st of January, 2015. In its place two smaller units were formed: the Advanced Materials Engineering and Modelling Group and the Department of Physical and Quantum Chemistry. The information below and in other pages of this web site refers to the state before the dissolution of the Institute.

Physical chemistry, chemical physics and theoretical chemistry were the main foci of the Institute, this including experiment, theory and applications. The Institute was created in 1993 by uniting three groups of physical chemistry, quantum chemistry and information recording technology. Its mission was to offer a ground for cooperation for three types of scientific activity: theoretical, experimental and applied.

The Institute had a strongly interdisciplinary character involving chemists, physicists and material scientists.

In 2014, the Institute was constituted by the following research groups: