Marcin Nyk, Ph.D.

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*the list below includes only those papers with the affiliation at Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry WUT i.e. since 2010, to see full record please click ResearcherID icon


  1. M. A. Antoniak, D. Wawrzyńczyk, J. Zaręba, M. Samoć, M. Nyk, Spectrally resolved two-photon absorption properties and switching of the multi-modal luminescence of NaYF4:Yb,Er/CdSe hybrid nanostructures, J. Mat. Chem. C 6 (22), 5949-5956 (2018) DOI
  2. J. Zaręba, J. Janczak, M. Samoć, M. Nyk, Spectrally-Resolved Third-Harmonic Generation and Fundamental Role of O-H∙∙∙Cl Hydrogen Bonding in Oh, Td-Cobalt(II) Tetraphenylmethane-based Coordination Polymer, Dalton Trans. 46 9349–9357 (2017) DOI
  3. D. Piatkowski, M. Schmidt, M. Twardowska, M. Nyk, J. Aizpurua, S. Mackowski, Spectral Selectivity of Plasmonic Interactions between Individual Up-Converting Nanocrystals and Spherical Gold Nanoparticles, Materials 10 (8), 905 (2017) DOI
  4. D. Wawrzyńczyk, J. Szeremeta, M. Samoć, M. Nyk, Size-dependent Emission Kinetics and Sensing Capabilities of CdSe Quantum Dots Functionalized with Penicillamine Ligands, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 252 483-491 (2017) DOI
  5. A. Dzimitrowicz, P. Jamróz, D. Pogoda, M. Nyk, P. Pohl, Direct current atmospheric pressure glow discharge generated between a pin-type solid cathode and a flowing liquid anode as a new tool for silver nanoparticles production, Plasma Process. and Polym. (2017) DOI [in press]
  6. P. Garczarek, J. Zaręba, M. Duczmal, J. Janczak, J. Zoń, M. Samoć, M. Nyk, Combining Three Different Functional Groups in One Linker: A Variety of Features of Copper(II) Aminocarboxyphosphonate, Crystal Growth & Design 17 (3), 1373–1383 (2017) DOI
  7. J. Zaręba, M. Nyk, M. Samoć, Co/ZIF-8 heterometallic nanoparticles: control of the nanocrystal size and properties by mixed-metal approach, Cryst. Growth Des. 16 (11), 6419-6425 (2016) DOI
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  17. D. Wawrzyńczyk, J. Szeremeta, M. Samoć, M. Nyk, Optical nonlinearities of colloidal InP@ZnS core-shell quantum dots probed by Z-scan and two-photon excited emission, APL Materials 3 (11), 116108 (2015) DOI
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Tematy prac dyplomowych i badawczych (Research topics for students)

  • Zbadanie optycznych właściwości nanokrystalicznych luminoforów domieszkowanych jonami pierwiastków ziem rzadkich (Optical properties of lanthanide doped nanocrystalline phosphor)
  • Nieliniowe właściwości optyczne w koloidalnych roztworach nanocząstek plazmonowych (Nonlinear optical properties of plazmonic nanoparticles)
  • Synteza oraz charakteryzacja optyczna koloidalnych roztworów półprzewodnikowych kropek i drutów kwantowych (Synthesis and optical characterization of colloidal semiconductor quantum dots and rods)
  • Pomiar nieliniowości optycznej materiałów metodą Z-scan (Nonlinear optical measurements of materials using the Z-scan technique)


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