Borys Szefczyk, Ph.D.

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Research profile

Borys Szefczyk is a member of the Molecular Modelling and Quantum Chemistry Group. His current research interest focuses on the developement and application of computational methods for studying various systems important from the standpoint of chemistry and material engineering: gold surfaces and nanoparticles, self-assembled monolayers at the surface of solid materials, imprinting process in silica xerogels and ionic liquids applied to chemical catalysis and biphase systems. His main interest is in simulations of interfacial systems (both, liquid/liquid and liquid/solid). Main tools of the investigation are molecular dynamics and quantum chemistry.

Borys Szefczyk graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology in 2001 (MSc thesis) and obtained PhD in 2005 (PhD thesis). In 2000 he participated in the SOCRATES/ERASMUS Programme visiting the group of Prof. Adrian J. Mulholland at University of Bristol. In 2002 he was visiting scientist at Swiss Center for Scientific Computing, Manno, Switzerland, in group of Prof. Michele Parrinello. In 2006 Borys Szefczyk was awarded a twelve-month domestic grant for Young Scientists from the Foundation for Polish Science, extended for another year (2007). From 2008 untill 2011 he was working in the group of Prof. M. Natalia D. S. Cordeiro at the University of Porto, Portugal. Currently, he is assistant professor at Wrocław University of Technology.

Non-scientific interest comprises birdwatching, photography and classical guitar.


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