Antoni Chyla, Ph.D., D.Sc.

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Research profile

Over many years I have measured electrical, d.c. and microwave, conductivity, as well as static magnetic susceptibility of highly conducting organic crystals for estimation of the conductivity tensor. The work involved the synthesis and growing of the crystals of a vast number of TCNQ salts and charge transfer complexes with different organic and inorganic donors. An electrochemical experiments performed on molecules of TCNQ and/or its anionradicals in aprotic solvents brought to elucidation of the CT mechanism in some tetracyanoquiodimethanides.

An electrochemical background allowed me to start (in England) the work on sonochemical enhancement of carboxylate electrooxidation as well as the work on competitive doping of conducting polymers and their redox characterisation.

Currently, since the last few years I am interested in developing of the technology of Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films of some phthalocyanines and conducting polymers, especially 3-substituted polyalkilopyrroles and polyalkilothiophenes. The main goal of this work is  the trial of applying of LB films as the gas or chemical sensors.

The side field of my activity is the work in the field of widely understood ecology. By analyzing (the AAS method) of the concentration of the heavy metals in some organs and tissues of the game I try to answer the qustion whether the game (especially non migratory game) could be recognized as a bioindicators of  the environmental pollution or not

Electrochemistry on unconventional electrodes, Sonoelectrochemistry, Electrical, optical and sensoric properties of polymers and LB films

Artificial neuronic networks exploiting chemical and gas sensors based on Langmuir-Blodgett films, All organic FETs, Breewster-Angle spectroscopy, microscopy and visualisation of an order in the LB films, Entraping and immobilisation of biocomponents in LB films


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Tematy prac dyplomowych i badawczych (Research topics for students)

  1. Badanie fizykochemicznych właściwości warstw mono-molekularnych.
  2. Badanie przenikania acetonu i alkoholu etylowego przez membrany otrzymane techniką Langmuira-Blodgett.
  3. Badanie przenikania wody przez membrany spolimeryzowanych surfaktantów.
  4. Mikroskopowe badanie struktury pojedynczych warstw molekularnych substancji powierzchniowo czynnych.
  5. Wytwarzanie warstw mono-molekularnych substancji biologicznie aktywnych.